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So yeah, this is mostly a fic journal. If you can't access an entry, it means that I haven't got round to finishing it yet and have locked it to me until I do.
Expect more crack pairings than you can shake a stick at. I'm always open to suggestions, just remember that I write slowly and get distracted easily.

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Thinking about Yemen

I borrowed a book on the history of Yemen from the library the other day. Somehow that led to thinking about what Yemen would be like as a Hetalia character.

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I know Himuruya's profiles tend to be shorter but it was hard to keep it brief and not leave out important things.

It's difficult trying to work out what he might look like beyond older Arab man because apparently the people who live along the coast dress differently to those in the highlands (more like East Africans) and the highlanders would never dress that way. But if I have North Yemen/Aden as a separate personification, that would work. I guess he might look a bit like this or this then with North Yemen maybe looking like this (but much younger).
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Kushina and an unrealistic dream

I was thinking about Kushina as Hokage the other day and idly planning a fic where she has to deal with the Uchiha clan in the form of Fugaku complete with rampant UST when I realised something important: there was never any chance of her becoming hokage at all. There are two major reasons for this:
1. She was a foreigner.
2. She was a jinchuuriki.

I'm not sure which reason would have been more important when it came to her perceived unsuitability as a future hokage but they were probably intertwined in people's minds. It isn't clear how many people knew about her jinchuuriki status though almost certainly Danzo would have figured it out (if he wasn't told outright) in addition to Hiruzen and his wife who were shown to know in canon. I guess Jiraiya and Tsunade were likely to have known (or guessed).

The foreigner aspect would have definitely been significant. She was a refugee from a destroyed village, claiming the name of a clan that didn't exist any more. (I wonder if Whirlpool was destroyed after Kushina came to Konoha or before, which is why they got hold of her so easily.) I know the US only allows people born in it to become president and no doubt other countries have similar laws. The hidden villages would probably have rules to that effect even if they were only unwritten.

Put them together and you have an outsider given access to immense destructive power who must have seemed like a potential agent of chaos, ready to change everything they knew.

Was there pressure on Kushina to abandon her dream as a child? Almost certainly, but I think that it was her growing up and realising just what her differences meant was the real reason she gave it up.

...This turned into a mini-essay somehow. Any thoughts? Am I interpreting this wrong?
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Unrelated things

I finally got round to starting the exercises in my dad's Arabic grammar and Arabic syntax is kinda strange.

For example, the old house is literally the house the old (al-baitu l-qadimu). The house is old - the house old (al-baitu qadimun). The old house is small - the house the old, it small (al-baitu l-qadimu, huwa saghirun). (No arabic script because I can't spell in it yet.)

I suppose Arabs find English syntax equally odd though.

Does anyone else read Afterschool Charisma? It's really good, I promise.

Finally, have a meme!

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

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(Feel free to ask me about characters not on there if you know I've played them in the past.)