Laurel (laurelsblue) wrote,

[Fic] Not His Guard

Title: Not His Guard
Characters: Liechtenstein
Genre: General
Rating: K+
Notes: Written for this prompt on the kink meme.
Summary: Liechtenstein on what she can tolerate and what she can't.

Liechtenstein doesn’t like it when brother goes away. She especially doesn’t like it when he goes away without her. She can cope when he represents her interests because then he always has her in mind and when he goes to meetings with other nations because he always says how glad he is to live with her and not anyone else afterwards. (Well, maybe not in words, but she can tell.)

But when he goes away to do that... She hates it. She knows he’s been doing it since before she lived with him but she hates it. There’s no need for it any more. The looks he gets in the ...strange (not clownish because it is brother’s and nothing of brother’s could ever be) uniform are irritating. People even dare to comment on how silly it looks and some of the remarks online... (She’d shut down that forum faster than even Estonia or Russia could manage.) The old man doesn’t properly appreciate what brother does for him either. Standing around all day, watching for a threat that won’t come...

She hates it when brother is a Swiss Guard.
Tags: fanfiction, hetalia, liechtenstein

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