Laurel (laurelsblue) wrote,

Thinking about Yemen

I borrowed a book on the history of Yemen from the library the other day. Somehow that led to thinking about what Yemen would be like as a Hetalia character.

Someone who has been around for a long time.
When he was young, he used to be great and even Rome thought he was lucky but ever since his house flooded, he’s been poor.
Europeans find him hard to understand as he does things very differently from them and they tend to forget about him.
At one point, the Ottoman Empire decided to conquer him. At first, he didn’t mind but then changed his mind and became very troublesome so he was left alone.
In the 16th century, all the world’s coffee grew in his house and he guarded it heavily. Unfortunately, the Netherlands stole some plants and soon coffee was everywhere. After that, he gave up growing coffee and grew qat instead.
Speaking of qat, he spends most of his time chewing it but he can be dangerous without it.
A while ago, he went through a strange phase where he imitated Russia. During that, he lived apart from his younger brother but they moved back in together afterwards. His brother has been saying he wants to leave again recently due to troubles in their house. So you see, a difficult life!

I know Himuruya's profiles tend to be shorter but it was hard to keep it brief and not leave out important things.

It's difficult trying to work out what he might look like beyond older Arab man because apparently the people who live along the coast dress differently to those in the highlands (more like East Africans) and the highlanders would never dress that way. But if I have North Yemen/Aden as a separate personification, that would work. I guess he might look a bit like this or this then with North Yemen maybe looking like this (but much younger).
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